Entry #34


2011-07-25 21:36:21 by loopchocolateman1234

"I'm just going to say this again, but I'm only actually 12 and I'm the one who makes these animations independently."

-Charlie Y.



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2011-08-10 16:04:58

Makes sense. My friend started when he was 15, and... needless to say, he wasn't that good either. You actually are doing pretty well for your age, (I only saw the mario flash thing) and you will get better if you keep trying. Not everyone is gonna like your stuff, people hate some of the top rated stuff. Keep trying, and you'll get better.

loopchocolateman1234 responds:

Thank you, when I post my short animation Scribbles you will be AMAZED!


2011-08-31 05:02:59

I started animating when I was 11-12. If you want me to help you with some basic-intermediate AS2, drop me a PM. AS2 is easier to use and I still use it, but if you want to go ahead and learn AS3 which is a lot more powerful and more widely used by games today (only available in flash CS3+, IDK what version you have), it is harder to learn, but a useful language to learn.

loopchocolateman1234 responds:

I will PM you with my new account, CAGEY Studios.